Our house was built in the colonial style. The large rooms face a gallery from which you can access the garden, which boasts a large variety of flowers, plants and trees. A lovely creek runs through the Estancia.
The soothing sounds of nature, along with our hospitality and our delicious home cooking will make your stay a delightful and relaxing experience. Niña Paula provides what many travellers look for these days: the chance to forget about the stresses of everyday life. (You will have no choice but to disconnect from reality because you’ll have to walk to the entrance of the Estancia near the road in order to get a cell phone signal!)
At Niña Paula we have different priorities: having a breakfast of our home made jams and cakes on the terrace, sun bathing and swimming in the transparent waters of our creek, enjoying a delicious lunch prepared with products from our own orchard and farm, reading a book in the gallery or having dinner under a starlit sky!
The spectacular landscape beckons you to hike our mountains. Summer offers relief from the heat, as temperatures in Niña Paula are milder than in any other place in the region.
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